Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the age restrictions to get into The Comedy Zone?
A: You have to be 18 or older to get into The Comedy Zone. However we will make exceptions. If you have a person or 2 that is 16 or 17 then we will allow them to attend a show. The restriction is: Half of your group must be at least 18. Also we will not allow anyone under 16 to attend unless permission is granted by Club Management.

Q: What is the price of a ticket for the shows at The Comedy Zone?
A: Friday and Saturday night tickets are $10/person. Tickets are purchased at the door upon entering the Club. No need to pre-pay for tickets to our regularly scheduled weekly shows, but we do strongly suggest making a reservation.  From time to time, the Comedy Zone will host larger, more well-know acts or other special shows that require ticket pre-purchase for guarantee of reservations.  These dates and times will be indicated in our online Calendar page as well as on the individual event page.

Q: How do I make a reservation for a show? And how do I make reservations for a large party?
A: For parties up to 20 people, please use our online reservation system located on the calendar page.  Simply click on the particular show you would like to make a reservation for and fill out the form.  For parties larger than 20 or if you have a problem with the reservation system please call 336-333-1034 to ensure we have sufficient room for you and your party.

Q: When do the doors open for the shows?
A: On both Fridays and Saturdays, for the 8:00pm show, the doors open at 6:30pm. Many people arrive earlier than the 8:00 showtime to eat, drink, and chat. For the 10:00pm show, the doors open at about 9:45pm. The kitchen stays open until about 11:00pm with the full menu available until then.

Q: How long does an average show last?
A: Each show lasts about 90 minutes on average.

Q: What are the rules of conduct at The Comedy Zone?
A: Well, we have 2 basic rules. First, we require that all cell phones/pagers are turned off or switched to vibrate. Secondly, we insist that everyone conduct themselves with dignity, and with respect for other customers. For example: We do not allow patrons to shout things at the Comics while they are performing; table chatter must be kept at a minimum; unruly behavior is not tolerated; and other things along those lines. We want the show to be enjoyed by all. Those not adhering to these simple rules are escorted from the building.

Q: Do we get into Arizona Pete’s for free after a Comedy Zone show?
A: You sure do! If you are 21+ then you get into Arizona Pete’s for free, if you are 18-20 you get 1/2 price cover at Pete’s. After every comedy show, we will hand out the free tickets as you exit The Comedy Zone. It’s a savings of about $8 -$10, so it adds even more value to a visit to the Zone.

Q: Is The Comedy Zone a smoke-free facility?
A: Yes it is. Due to new North Carolina State Law, we will be non-smoking effective January 2, 2010. We have constructed an outside smoking patio for our guests who wish to smoke.


Please use the form below to contact us with any questions or concerns not addressed in the FAQ above. If you need to make reservations for a show, please click here to be taken to our Calendar/Reservations page. For more immediate concerns you may contact us at 336.333.1034.